Altivar Inverter Service

Altivar Inverter Service

This company is free member. For free member, we do not verify telephone number and address, so be careful in doing transaction. The safest way in transaction are:

  • Verify the address firstly
  • Do not send money before receive the order
  • Send money only to the bank account of company (CV or PT)
  • Avoid to send money to private bank account

Specification of Altivar Inverter Service




Technosa Automation Services Is Your Source For  Repair  Telemecanique, Shcenider, Altivar,  ATV, Altivar 71 / ATV71, Altivar 61 / ATV61, Altivar 18 / ATV18, Altivar 28 / ATV28, Altivar 31 / ATV31, Altivar 56 / ATV56, Altivar 58, Altivar 58, Altivar 61 / ATV61, Altivar 66 / ATV66  Altivar  68,  Altistart,  Altistart  46,  Rectivar  4 Series  74-8,  Statovar.  We Offer Repair And Service For All Models Including The Inverter, HMI, PLC,

We Provide Free Quotes On All Repairs At The Workshop. All Items Are Evaluated To Determine The Price Of Repairs. In Technosa Automation Customer Service Is Our Priority. To That End, We Strive To Provide Quality Repair At A Competitive Price With Quick Turnaround.

Repair Services Productions Telemecanique / Schneider



Contact Your

Within 3-5 Days (Typical) We Will Evaluate And Estimate Your Repair.

Contact Your

Your Contacts  
Upon Receipt Of Your Repair, We Will Check And Then Contact You With Quotes.

Get Your Approval

Get Your Approval  
We Will Ask You For Your Approval To Proceed (You Can Skip This Step By Sending A PO To Improve  
Your Content Needs, Along With The Approved Amount, Turnaround Time, And Shipping Instructions).

No Obligation

There Is No Obligation  
If You Decide Not To Proceed, We Will Gladly Ship Your Items Back To You At No Charge, And We Will Even Take Delivery.

Repair Your Item

Goods Repair  
After Your Approval, We Will Repair Your Item With The Turnaround Time Of Your Choice.

Testing And Quality Control

Testing And Quality Control  
Upon Completion Of Your Repair, We Will Load Test The Item In A Test Fixture To Assure Reliability Improvement.Before Staging Your Item For Shipment, Your Repair Must Pass Three Levels Of Inspections To Check For Complete Functionality And Quality Improvement To Ensure Proper Performance When Installed.

Testing And Quality Control

Delivery To You  
Upon Completion, Testing And Repair Your Tight Through Three Levels Of Quality Inspection, We Will Send Your Item Back To You.

Testing And Quality Control

Six Months Warranty  
Repairs   Covered   By A   Warranty   Of Six   Months "  Bumper  -  To-  Bumper. "   This Means   That All Of   The Items   That You Send   In For Repair   Will Be Covered  , Not   Just Part   Of Our Fix  .   See   Terms And Conditions  For Details  .

Testing And Quality Control
Terms And Conditions  
Get More Details In Terms Of Repair And Condition.


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TECHNOSA Service Team

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Our Evaluation Is Fast And Free, There Are No Hidden Costs.

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TECHNOSA Will Not Share Or Exchange Your Information.

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Every Repair Is Covered By A Comprehensive 6 Month Warranty Unless Otherwise Stated.

Shipping:  TECHNOSA Provide Evaluations For Repairs At No Cost. However, Shipments To And From Java AREA - East (Free) Outside Of East Java Is The Responsibility Of The Customer.