Toshiba Inverter Service

Toshiba Inverter Service

This company is free member. For free member, we do not verify telephone number and address, so be careful in doing transaction. The safest way in transaction are:

  • Verify the address firstly
  • Do not send money before receive the order
  • Send money only to the bank account of company (CV or PT)
  • Avoid to send money to private bank account

Specification of Toshiba Inverter Service

 Toshiba Drive Repair

Invertech  Experience To Improve Brand  TOSHIBA  TOSVERT VF-A7  VF-P7 TOSVERT  TOSVERT VF-S11  -S9 VF TOSVERT  TOSVERT VF-S7  VF-NC1 TOSVERT  TOSVERT S7e VF-  VF-A5 TOSVERT TOSVERT A5P VF-  Electronics Industry. For The Price Is Usually 30% To 50% Of The Cost Of A New Unit. 

We Have One Of The Most Advanced Diagnostics In Industry. Your Item Will Re-Built/Refurbished: Cleaned, Diagnosed, Repaired, Tested And Shipped Back To You Like New With Quality Workmanship.  
Besides That We Also Have A Well Stocked Parts Inventory To Ensure Quick Turnaround Time Thus Saving Valuable Downtime Of Loyal Customers Our.

 All This Makes The Preferred Invertech  TOSHIBA  Repair Industrial Electronic Repair Provider In Indonesia. Our Repair Technicians Provide Services To Various Models Of Drives Such As G1, G2, G3, VFS7, VT130 And More.

Toshiba Inverter Product Repair Services: 
















Please Send Your Equipment To INVERTECH  "FREE EVALUATION"  We Will Give ACCURATE Estimate USUALLY WITHIN 3-5 WORKING DAYS. We Promise Quick Turnaround Cheap Friendly Service, Kunggulan Both In Terms Of Test Points Over The Last 15 Years Of Service.



Contact Your

Within 3-5 Days (Typical) We Will Evaluate And Estimate Your Repair.

Contact Your

Upon Receiving Repairs, We Will Check And Then Contacted Through Email, Fax / Other Media. 

Get Your Approval

We Will Ask You For Your Approval To Proceed (You May Eliminate This Step By Sending A PO To Improve Your Content Needs, Along With The Approved Amount, Turnaround Time, And Shipping Instructions).


There Is No Obligation  
If You Decide Not To Proceed, We Will Gladly Ship Your Items Back To You At No Charge.

Repair Your Item

Goods Repair  
After Your Approval, We Will Repair Your Item With The Turnaround Time Of 3-15 Days.  

Testing And Quality Control

Testing And Quality Control  
Upon Completion Of Your Repair, We Will Load Test Your Item In A Test Fixture To Ensure Increased Reliability. Before Staging Your Item For Shipment, Your Repair Must Pass Three Levels Of Inspections To Check For Complete Functionality And Quality Improvement To Ensure Proper Performance When Installed.

 Testing And Quality Control

Shipping It To You  
Once Complete, Rigorous Testing And Refinement You Through Three Levels Of Quality Inspection, We Will Send Your Items Back To You.

Testing And Quality Control

Six Months Warranty  
Repairs  Covered  By A  Warranty  Of Six  Months " Bumper  -  To -  Bumper. "  This Means That All Of  The Items  You Send  In For Repair  Will Be Covered , Not  Just Part  Of Our Fix . See  Terms And Conditions   For Details  .

Testing And Quality Control
Terms And Conditions  
Get More Details In Terms Of Repair And Condition.

Give Invertech Opportunity To Correct / Update Your  TOSHIBA  Brand Electronic Device Industry. 

We Take Pride In Providing The Best Customer Service In The Industry, And Wants To Ensure That Working With Us Is A Simple And Transparent Process.

To Find Out More About Our Capabilities,

Please E-Mail To  Sales@Invertechindo.Com 

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